The month of February is celebrated as Chrismas. The 20th is known as Chrismas Day.
I can’t wait for Chrismas it’s the best month of the year especially Chrismas Day no holiday compares.
by Sup girls February 2, 2019
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A gift, a prize, something you didnt know you wanted until you saw the "package". Something very special that "comes" only if you're very good.
OMG!! That Buckley dude is Soooooo damn Chrismas!! w0oT!!
by SinfullySweet June 19, 2004
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the best type of "ho" usually they come in groups of three's and are delivered by a jolly old fat white man on dec. 24
homie1: yo i was hooking up with sarah last night and when i woke up their were two other beezys

homie2: looks like santa gave you dem "chrismas hoes".
by weedtom420 December 22, 2011
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When an individual diets on nuts and raisins for a short period of time and then proceeds on excreting on his or her partners face.
"Oh shit, Garry just Christmas caked on my face"
"I Christmas Caked that biatch properly"
"Oh shit im Chrismas Caking"
by Santa Shitface January 28, 2010
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Similar to the "frosted moustache" . While receiving your christmas morning bj, pull out and shoot your load on her upper lip.
I don't know if she enjoyed her present as much as I did, I gave her a "Chrismas Moustache"
by dlg67 July 26, 2009
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Someone(man/woman)who is acting like a complete and total dick around Chrismas. flamers can usually act this way in large crowds.
"Go suck a Chrismas dick!"

"Man, I was talking with your wife and shes a real Chrismas dick."
by iceman9900 November 11, 2007
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The act of putting up Christmas decorations around your house and turning it from dull to extravagent.
by James Lyons December 15, 2004
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