Slang for, what is your name? It can sometimes show interest in someone of the opposite sex.
"I saw that shawty from across the room and went up to her and asked what your name is."
by Shanetta November 10, 2007
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This is a pick up line to get a girls attention so a guy can get them digits
Jimmy:Hey gurl whats your name

Jessia: Umm im Jessica how do you not know my name were cousins ? And no you can't get these digits pervert
by Sjsjdksjekwnsxbsb March 16, 2017
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the angry response produced from those who are fed up with others updating their facebook status, but only if the status contains the phrase urbandictionary and look up your name and followed by a comment related to the search.
Sara:go to and type in who-cares-what-your-name-means

Matt Likes this!
by lovesfb February 5, 2010
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"what is your name?" basically means "hey, what word should i say out loud to get your attention?"
Person: Hello, what is your name?
Me:My name is sandra.
Person:* okay now i will say this to get your attention *
by Strawberriie December 24, 2017
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Probably only posting it on social media so everyone sees how much of an inspiration you aren’t.
Stop with the normie cringe posts about the definition of your name. No one cares what your name means.
by 4.whores.down November 23, 2021
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People who look up there name on urban dictionary looking for something like Josh-nice, funny, cool, huge dick and hot af. They post it on there story to show people that there's more then one perso in the fucking world with the same name as then and decided to write a paragraph about it....
No one gives a fuck about what your name is on urban dictionary so fuck off Something your would say to your friends on your annoying Snapchat feed that won't stop posting there dumbass names. or a answer to your annoying friends whom post this shit on there snapchats when no one gives a fuck
by Christivn March 15, 2017
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