Slang for "chosen" as in picked or selected. Most of the time it's referring to being chosen for marriage or marriage material/ a serious relationship. --It can apply to men too.
"She tryna get chose." Or girls getting dressed to go out might have a convo like this, "Girl I know you don't think you go'n get chose wearin that?! Lol"
by Tonextyear September 11, 2018
BurNita: Gurrrrl you betta go get you shit, it's bout to get chose by dem bummy broads over there.

CaraNeesha: Guuuurrl you daaamn rite she eyein ma shit like it's bout to snatch her weave. Lemme go get that shit rite quick.
by Nefriteetah June 14, 2011
Brooklyn kids playing street games in the 1950's believed in karma and called it Chinky Chose. Chinky Chose was a mystical payback against cheaters. When a kid cheated to win a point, but then lost the next point (or the whole game), the other kids taunted the offender, usually in a sing-song voice and sometimes with a pointed finger, "Chinky Chose, always shows."
You cheated but lost anyway -- ha ha, Chinky Chose, always shows!
by Arnold Dreckenberg April 22, 2011
Past tense of Mac-and-cheese
Yesterday I had a big bowl of mac-and-chose
by Andrew69420 January 16, 2018
Quelque Chose: Whatever, or Who Cares
Nick: Hey Emily, How are you doing today?

Emily: You know, Quelque Chose!!!!!!!

James: Last Night was So QuelK.

Elisabeth aka Box car Betty: God I hated that Movie What did you think Brigit?

Brigit La Boomba: Quelque Chose!!!
by Bad-ass Posse March 12, 2010
Occurs when a woman wants to be in a serious relationship- that could lead to marriage.
You can't just pick her up at a bar. She wants a serious relationship. She's tryna get chose.
by John Claude di Ronaldi May 4, 2011
When someone ABSOLUTELY flames someone else, someone basically saying you flamed him
this man woke up and chose violence
by didntasklolnoob232 December 7, 2020