Of Bay Area Origin
It refers to a Toilet
It gets this meaning from a Russian Word for Take a Shit which sounds similar to the title "Governor"
This eventually progressed to Taking a Governor
Eventually the saying "visiting the capitol came into common parlance
It may also refer to the state of the Economy across the world as of the year 2009 ad
Scotty-"shit bro I ate tooo much..."
Marvin-"Same here nigga, Imma Go visit The Capitol real quick"

Boss-"where the fuck is Dave?"
Assistant-"He said he was visitin The Capitol, he had some stimulus 2 unload"
by therealninja447 March 20, 2009
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Capitolism is an ironic reference to an economy in which market forces are subsumed to political interests in Washington. The term is derived from Karl Marx's term for a private enterprise-based economy, Capitalism, and the name of the building in which the U.S. Congress meets, the Capitol.

Similar to crony capitalism, capitolism isn't capitalism and it isn't quite socialism, but combines some of the worst aspects of both systems. A business that makes decisions based on what will earn it subsidies from Washington, rather than supply and demand, is capitolist.
To avoid bankruptcy, General Motors must make business decisions based not on the market, but on the tens of billions of dollars in subsidies it seeks from Washington. Once a prominent example of capitalism it is now one of capitolism.
by Marcellus_vrw March 11, 2009
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CAPITOLISM: Neither Capitalism or Socialism. A hybrid. An economic theory growing out of indifference, economic stupidity, fostered by self interest and lack of knowledge or basic economics, history or social needs of either of the two different approaches. An economic system without direction, coherence or reason. The practice brings to regulations, laws and budgets confusion and the consequence being economic disaster.

Those people in the Capitol advocate a distinct Capitolism.
by Lloyd Winburn October 11, 2008
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Means really good, the best , untouchable/elite
The mans ball skills are capitol,those j's are capitol , wow the weathers capitol today
by Smookymari July 29, 2015
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The building in which the United States Congress meets, as well as where the President is inaugurated. This building represents democracy and civility. Also on January 6th, 2021, a violent mob of Trump supporters broke into the capitol in an attempt to stop the counting of the Electoral College votes that would confirm Joe Biden as President.
Chester: Did you hear about what happened at the capitol building yesterday?
Herbert: Yeah! Didn't angry Trumpies break in and vandalize the building?
Chester: yes
by choderman January 7, 2021
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when something is absolutely awesome and outrageously fantastic.
"Wow...that video is capitol!"
by {{.. gangsta ..}} July 26, 2007
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