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Occurs when a woman wants to be in a serious relationship- that could lead to marriage.
You can't just pick her up at a bar. She wants a serious relationship. She's tryna get chose.
by John Claude di Ronaldi May 04, 2011

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To be closed down by police usually for excessive noise, underage drinking, and marijuana possesion.
I wouldn't go there now. That party got popped off.
by John Claude di Ronaldi May 04, 2011

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(noun) A word used to express that something bogus or unfair has happened.

Used mainly in Chicago
Grease! (sounds like: greeease)...His wife left him when he lost his job

Person 1: I left before he finished talking
Person 2: That's grease
by John Claude di Ronaldi March 24, 2012

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Abbreviation for Barclays Premier League
The BPL is the most entertaining football league in the world.
by John Claude di Ronaldi October 21, 2012

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(verb) To mess up. To slip up. To fail to meet an expectation.
To "screw up"
Example 1:
-Person 1: John Claude has been spending less time with his girlfriend and more time playing PS3. Now, she's talking to other guys.
-Person 2: Damn...he's cutting up
Example 2:
-Person 3: I stopped showing up to class and my grade dropped to a B.
-Person 4: You're cutting up. That class is an easy A.
by John Claude di Ronaldi March 24, 2012

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Someone who is now undateable or not attractive because of past or current circumstances, but would otherwise be attractive.

Someone who has ruined their career because of at least one exposed mistake that has permanently changed their reputation and/or credibility.
Becky is damaged goods after she had John's baby in high school. Nobody wants to date her.

Michelle's fine but she got a train ran on her at that party. I wouldn't fuck anymore. She's damaged goods.

Sam has 4 kids by 4 different women, even though he's handsome, he's damaged goods.

Andre was offered a scholarship to University of Florida for basketball, but he was caught stealing, so he had his scholarship revoked and is damaged goods.
by John Claude di Ronaldi September 22, 2014

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