A person who comes from Glasgow
me am a weegie so a am
by Hamish McTavish September 12, 2003
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1. (n) A slang term for a person from Glasgow. Sometime used in a derogatory manner. 2. (proper N.) An internet nickname referring to Luigi of Super Mario Bros Fame. 3. (n) A mispronunciation of Ouija, as in "Weegie Board".
1. John got punched in the face after he called that guy a weegie.
2. Captain Falcon? Please, I can pwn you with Weegie.
3. Weegie Boards are so fake, I don't see why you consult it for everything.
by Cube B July 18, 2008
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A Norwegian or Norway can be called a weegie / weegie-land.

Reference: The book "Brown Cheese Please" by Jenny K. Blake
Hi, I'm a weegie from weegie-land, we like potatoes and fish.
by wxjwe99 July 17, 2011
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A Weegie is an insecure type of person that takes his anger out on women and brags about having sex that he doesn't have. A Weegie is someone that thinks they have something better to do with their time but really don't.
Wow look at that Weegie, stupid soundcloud rapper.
Look at this Weegie trying to get puzzy, why does he thinks he's cool.
by TheLegitDictionary March 6, 2019
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Used in Edinburgh to describe Glaswegians.
by Tony Dulse August 28, 2005
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A group of glory hunting religous bigots from Weegieland(Glasgow), Ballingry and Lochgelly. They are easily spotted esp on holday because they wear the same Rangers or Celtic taps every day. They call everybody wee man and all their children are called Wayne.
While walking in Lochgelly one day I passed 3 different people wearing Ireland Football taps. I was amazed so when I saw a fourth I had to ask him what was going on. He replied that his Celtic tap was gettin washed for the summer. I told the wife and she said "What the fuck do you expect from a Weegie c**t"
by Jock fae Fife May 18, 2006
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Weegie - A slighty derogatory term applied to people from Glasgow by the occupants of the other, more insignificant area's of Scotland. Apply tired, dated, stereotypes abouts slums to the general indifference to Glaswegians themselves who feel superior in the knowledge that anything decent/interesting culturally evolves from Glasgow and the Greater Glasgow district. Often around ten years in front of the rest of Scotand in this respect. Music, humour, restaurants superior to any of the other smaller cities; people are also friendlier and blessed with a personality, distinguishing them further from other Scots. Problems quite divided in terms of Religion, Protestant bigotry. Also Class: middle class and conforming youths Vs working class or any one who hasn't adopted the bizarre new 'posh' accent.
Glasgow - Franz Ferdinand, Fratelli's Edinburgh - Proclaimers, BC Rollers
Glasgow - Billy Connelly. Edinburgh - ??? Ronnie Corbett? nuff said.
Teutcher: Ken, Ya weegie soap dodger eh?
Glaswegian: Away ye go out ma face Hamish and come into the 21t century if you could ya sheepshaggin' loser.
by Mystic McLeanzo June 18, 2007
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