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When in the middle of sexual relations, and panties start to come off. In the middle of this act, a foul odor has arisen out of nowhere. This my friends in tuna suprise.
Tim: So how did things go with Amber last night?

Chris: Well... things went alright until I headed down south.

Tim: What happended? Did she hit ya with the tuna suprise?

Chris: How did you know?

Tim: I fucked her last week.
by Frazier September 03, 2006

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n. One who does nothing, but screws up anything they attempt to do.
"Way to go Captain Smoothness!! You screwed up again!"
by Frazier May 25, 2006

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v. A term often used to substitute the term "to dookie" or "to shit" esp. your pants.
"Tom! Did you chookie your pants?"
by Frazier May 25, 2006

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n. Another term used for one moving their bowels shit
Tom! Did you chookie your pants??
by Frazier May 26, 2006

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A hotel room occupied by two Indian men (Who could possibly be giving eachother rusty trombones). After occupying the room, a smell that noone should ever have to inhale is formed. This smell if inhaled for more than 5 minutes could cause loss of conscieness, brain damage or even death.
Shari: Mr.Patel needs some cream brought up to his room.

Eddy: You must be out of your mind. I'm not going up to that room!!

Shari:Oh I forgot......indian hotel room.

Eddy:Yeah Mr.Patel is probably getting a rusty trombone anyway.
by Frazier September 13, 2007

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