To be rather rough on ones gear box. To change gears without regard for the gear box.
Would you stop chonking the frigging gears!
by Andrew October 4, 2003
Picked her up in the pano (panel van) took her to the top carpark, chonked her!
by Jimmy james perth boy July 11, 2008
Chonk you mother chonker. What the chonks wrong with you. Chonk this shit. This chonking sucks.
by Paula F. April 30, 2007
Adrian is a very very fat chonk that you can scoop beanos out of him
by chonk creator September 24, 2019
To smoke weed, especially with your closest friends.
Ey yo, Matt and Curran are going to chonk, you coming?
by AliceLee June 19, 2005
A teenage boy wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a baseball cap, steals bikes at night, and drinks tins of kronenbourg during the day, then throws the tin's in people's gardens
What are those chonks doing hanging around my car!
by Chonk! August 16, 2003