An amalgamation of "choong" (meaning good, beautiful, heavy) and "tonk" (meaning large). Used a lot in terms of drugs
"I picked up a Q from Lengs the other day, it was chonk"


"You can always get good cheng from him, its £25 a G but its chonk"
by Brian Sewell Leng Man Fe Dem November 25, 2006
that which is fat or large, in a way that is majestic
"You have been visited by the chonk. He will bring good fortune."
by OgrillonDnD October 4, 2019
When your girl is giving you head and you push her head down so that your penis hits the back of her throat and she gags until she vomits.
by Bewbz_emp April 21, 2018
looking like you are on drugs - high, stoned
dude you look so chonked
by filter2700 August 11, 2007
Western European American English terminology for F**cking, hanging out,
Person A: What are you up to?
Person B: Just chonking around!
by Peirre__ELLIOT101 January 18, 2011
a person who eats taco bell any time of day and hates their fruits and veggies
by chonklyfe April 9, 2020