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A popular nickname for friends who are as wide as they are tall and has a buzzed head, making him look like a chode.

A Chodles is usually shy around the opposite sex and goes creeper status when drunk.
Boy: "have you met my roommate yet?"

Girl: "what does he look like?"

Boy: "he is pretty short, just as wide as he is tall, and his hair is buzzed."

Girl: "OH! that little Chodles over there with his hand on that girls shoulder all creepy like?"

Boy: "Yep! thats him!"
by Slik Rik December 08, 2009
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a word that Lisa found on a bathroom wall and has now been defined as the following upon research and reaching a group consensus: activity of a sexual nature performed to any of the anatomical nether regions characterized by the extensive use of the chin and high pitched guttural squealing.
I didn't let that guy go all the way last night, but he totally chodled me like a pro!
by Roxy_WTFusion-Grammar April 03, 2011
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A hummer applied to the taint rather than the balls. A work mixed from yodle and chode.
Normally I prefer hummers but that chodle your sister game me made me squirt in her hair.
by Kenny The Hogg Master March 05, 2007
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