the cure of anything, especialy family over load; the number one thing to eat while getting a lecture from parents
by gangstaspidermonkey January 3, 2010
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Like chocolate, but something is wrong with it...
Guy 1: What the hell, was that choclate?
Guy 2: Well, It definitely wasn’t chocolate!
by Squidwards_nan December 4, 2019
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To grab ones own nut sack while simultaneously jumping and uncontrollably shitting ones own pants. Usually under the influence of a drug or alcohol.
Dude, you should of seen Jimmy, he was doing shrooms and started choclating in my basement.
by youngster3956 May 25, 2010
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the kind of choclate that you eat when you're making love.
Before they did the nasty Ryan gave rebecca some sensual choclate to get her in the mood.
by Brenard Brownstine November 25, 2008
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the anal hole . . . nough said!!
look at yours in a mirror tell me it dont look like one!
by slim June 11, 2004
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Noun- when a black guy poops in a white chicks vagina.
Little Richard gave Madonna a Choclate Smore, and it was real messy!
by PUBEHEADS January 14, 2004
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