Supporting the knees with wedges so they don't slip forward while fucking doggy style. Similar to chocking the wheels of a trailer.
My new girl insists on chocking her knees so she doesn't slide around while I'm behind her.
by loverlygirl September 07, 2016
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To CHOCK with laughter. Not to be confused with CHOKING.
Young Boy on MSN - "I fell down today and cut my knee on a small particle of glass"

Friend - "CHOCKING!"
by MaxCarsLad January 31, 2005
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chocking: v. while receiving a hand job, the cock "flakes" due to too much dryness.
we saw my english teacher chocking yesterday, fifth time this week.
by jackiethenotoncrackie March 22, 2006
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when one becomes of a primarily chocolate and/or cocoa bean atomic make-up and begins to take on the form of a chocolate bar.
"oh man. i ate soo much galaxy last nite i started chocking.
by Jay2thex August 30, 2006
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