14 definitions by TheWarHorse100

What 12-year-olds think they can do to someone online
12 year old: If you kill me again I'll DDos you!
Player: Go ahead, you can't do shit
by TheWarHorse100 October 10, 2018
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When somebody really just...well, doesn't give a single fuck about what you say or what you do.

When someone gives absolutely zero fucks about anything, a total hardass.
Not a single fuck was given when he got shot in the leg.

When he got knocked the fuck out last night, he got back up, not a single fuck was given
by TheWarHorse100 June 29, 2019
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Something you have to take in order to get W's
Sometimes, no matter how skilled you are, you have to take L's
by TheWarHorse100 August 22, 2019
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Is a complete fucking hoax. Covid-19 is just a government ploy; sure, the virus exists, but the amount of deaths is exaggerated.
Covid-19 is a complete joke.
by TheWarHorse100 July 08, 2020
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The way that "Choking" is spelled by idiots
Paper: The victim was chocking
Teacher: Are you retarded? it's spelled "Choking"
by TheWarHorse100 October 09, 2018
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