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term for office chatter that immediately follows an online conversation: bamboozling non twitterers. conjoining the words 'chat' and 'twitter'
example : silent office - then co-worker-A pipes up 'yeah, retrosexual probably means love of old stuff'

co-worker-B responds immediately continuing the conversation from online to offline as if this is completely normal and makes perfect sense

co-workers A& B have just chittered

result: all offline co-workers are very confused
by StickyV April 23, 2009
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Punjabi Slang (North Indian Dialect - India) - Rear end, buttocks, backside, or the English equivalent of the expression butt or ass.
His parents hit him really hard on the chitter.

That guy is acting like a really chitter.

Wipe your chitter.
by Punjabi Munda January 21, 2010
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Manic broadcasting of endless streams of words at someone.
She chittered at me all day. Eventually I had to fill my ears with silicone.
by Al Mendax May 07, 2004
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a device used for spitting tobacco
chew-spitter= chitter
guy 1: yo pass me the chitter
guy 2: ight which one the water bottler or gatorade bottle?
guy 1: doesnt matter
by mctiggobitties February 18, 2009
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Unofficial nickname for the Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion and Super Stallion military heavy-lift helicopter. The name is used primarily by service members in the US Marine Corps and US Navy aviation communities. In use since the Vietnam War the nickname is derived by using the military model designation CH , which stands for Cargo Helicopter, in place of the SH in shitter. The nickname is used both as an affectionate and derogatory term.
1. Two Chitters are inbound with more supplies.

2. I flew Chitters in Vietnam with the Marine Corps.
by Christian Shepherd August 09, 2007
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a big vagina....more so used and an insult
ex1:yo dude look at that hottie
nah her chitters too big
ex2:look at that chitter cryin
by pussymaster June 11, 2006
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