Probably the most luckiest friend you'll ever meet in you lifetime. Even though she isn't that popular, she great at supporting you in any life situation.
Person A: OMG, remember how Chisom saved the class bunny from choking?
Person B: Yeah, she was a really great person!
by phphphpph December 04, 2017
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A person especially a girl. Who is amazing with everyone around her. But never try a Chisom,she will destroy just with a sentence. She can be a snack if she wants to at her own time of her life. She has the prettiest eyes and smile. If you hate a Chisom, that is basically your business. She is a very creative person.
"She is such a Chisom"
" Please be a Chisom for once"
" I wish i was Chisom"
by Peng and The Brains July 22, 2018
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An Unisex name coming from the igbo tribe in Nigeria. A person named Chisom is very outspoken and has no problem putting someone in their place. They want to become rich and powerful so they tend to be in charge 99.999% of the time. They are very attractive and usually have a big ego.
Hello, My Name is Chisom, And I'm happy to announce that I have been excepted in Oxford University
by Igbo.history101 December 31, 2014
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For a girl, Chisom is someone who is a go getter, always passionate,loving and caring, loves to hangout when is convenient for her,always want to meet people and traveling is one of her hobbies
Get you a friend like Chisom
by Mbgfff May 21, 2019
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An amazing guy who proves to be very strong but deep down a very emotional person
He loves really hard and hates loosing friends
He is very shy and reserved but once he is in the midst of his friends, he can be very crazy
He is a flirt though, but doesn't like breaking a girl's heart
He loves being in the company of friends and likes hanging out
He is a guy who deserves to be loved
Why is he such a chisom?
Why is he acting like a chisom?
He is such a chisom!
by February 20, 2020
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Someone who doesn't give a fuck if you are annoyed with him, nice and caring . King of emotional intelligence
He is a chisom
by Drixyl November 01, 2020
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It's a name coming from the western part of Africa(Nigeria).it's means beauty.chisom's are leng and good in sports.
That boy is soo lengg, he is probably a chisom.
by Leng man December 21, 2019
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