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A head harness that straps around the users head with a dildo that protrudes from the chin. Its a multifunctional tool used by one to satisfy their parter while either giving head or cunalingus and penetrating the dildo by using a bobbing motion of the head.
"Hey hot stuff, wanna take a ride on the chindo?"

"With that chindo, you put Jay Leno to shame!"

"Fuck mustache rides, I'm into the chindo now!"
by Wan Sum Chin July 14, 2008
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a chin cock; a dildo strapped to the chin and deployed using a bopping movement of the head
hey babe, get me the chindo, I'm feeling horny
by Wu Dark March 29, 2004
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slang for Chinese Indonesian.

- Chindo can't speak chinese (especially those living in Java)
- Chindo are proud with their nationality, not their race.
- Born, raised, educated in Indonesia, but still being called 'chee-nah' on streets by the Natives for some reason.
- Not allowed to speak Chinese and obliged to change their chinese names into Indonesian during the power of Soeharto.
- Faced discrimination which led to the 1998 riot (many chindos were raped, killed, humiliated and many escaped to america, singapore, australia).
- Still facing some discriminations in some areas, but the two races get along well overall.
- Chindos in West Java have the same 'level' as the Natives, but not in East Java. They act as the bosses of the Natives.
- Not allowed to work for the government.
- Most Chindos are entrepreneurs.
- Famous chindos: Agnes Monica (actress and singer), Delon (runner-up of Indonesian Idol who sparked for the similar reason), soe hok gie (chinese Indonesian activist, who opposed the successive dictatorships of Presidents Sukarno and Suharto towards the chindos), most of the athletes in Indonesian are Chinese Indonesians (susi susanti, chris john, hendrawan, angelique widjaja)
- Common Chindos last names= oei, lin, liem, ong, tan, ho, wong, liau.
- no language barriers whatsoever (chindo in java speak javanese, chindo is bandung speak sundanese, chindo in jakarta speak jakarta slangs)
- chindo live in chindo neighbourhood, build their own private schools (almost every chindo goes to private school), rather go to malls where dominated by the chindo (for no apparent reason)
- chindo avoid concerts, celebrations where majority of natives is there.. just for safety reason. chindos are easy targets.
- characteristics: some chindo have darker skin than 'real' chinese people, maybe because of the weather or naturally?
- we chindos know the difference between chindos and 'real' chinese. we just DO. chindo knows everything and are so much influenced by the west and other asian countries (taiwan, korea, japan, Hong kong, india, singapore)

give indonesia a visit and we'll show you the real chindos!

names to differentiate between chinese indonesians and native indonesians:

1) pepsi=chindo, coke=native
2) cina (chee-nah)= chindo, hwa-nah= native
3) totok=chindo who speak chinese and still strong in the tradition
4) Satu A (in english, pronounced 'one a'). one-ah= hwa-nah.
5) Cokin = chindo (term used by the natives)
6)eeng-nee-ren= chinese word used by chindos to call the natives.
7) zhong-guo-ren= chinese word used by chindos to call themselves.
8) mereka (means: they)= used by chindos to refer to natives

by Desta March 31, 2007
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Chindo- abbrievated term that defines a person whose enthicity is Chinese Indonesian. It's pretty much slang.

Having one of their ancestors from China live in Indonesia (marrying indigenous people or not).

In Indonesia, despite having no language barriers whatsoever call these people Chinese. For the Chinese people who have only recently arrived in Indonesia (having the ability to still keep the Chinese language)they are usually called 'toktok China' (pronounced chee-nah). Chindo poeple usually have a couple to a few generations of living in Indonesia.

There is a lot of discrimination against the Chinese in Indonesia mainly because the amount of success Chindo people have seems to recieve there. Chindo people living in Indonesia are suaully upper class citizens.

Chindo people aren't hard to pick out - they basically are a lot lighter than indigenous Indonesians.

There are quite a lot of Chindo people who have escaped the discrimination and racism in Indonesia. The majority starting to live in Australia. There are a lot of young Chindo in Australia- really light asians with dark brown wavy/curly hair and pink cheeks are common characteristics and usually a dead give away.
"Hey, you half-half or what? You look like a pale korean or a weird japanese person... I can't pick it out..."

"Really? I'm Chinese-"


"Chinese Indonesian, I mean!

"Oooh! You're Chindo, eh?! I thought you looked weird!"

"Um, thanks."
by Nasi July 14, 2004
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Abbreviation for Chinese Indonesian.
Constituting for only about 4% of the whole Indonesian population, these Indonesian born people of chinese ancestry control a huge segment of the economy, spurring social jealousy in their fellow indigenous brothers and sisters, thus resulting in racial discrimation towards them.
Would contain a different conotation for a chinese indonesian if spoken to him or her by a fellow chinese or indigenous indonesian.
In this sense of how the conotation can change when spoken by a different race, it can be compared to the word nigger.
by Tonjok July 31, 2003
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