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fucked up, cocky, small dick race, their muscle so small and weak, nothing special, talk cocky just on internet, afraid on real life, not successful even they become gangster, try fight with them, u can win while you close your eyes, DON'T TRUST THEM, they are pussies, love to make a stupid term, love to kiss their mom and boss ass.

so fucked up


1 more thing; they are speaking alien language, nobody know where that language come from, maybe from their stupid ancestor who love to suck cock
1) dude, i can't see your cock. are you cina?
by UmadCina? February 09, 2012
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Cina is a slag way of putting somebody down,

A Cina is sombody who always stresses out for no particular reason
guy 1 - hey look at that

cina - why don't you look at that while i compare asda insurance to tesco's

guy 1 - Chill out Cina !!

cina - you chill out !!
by HoboDrongo July 05, 2007
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Cina is by far the cutest girl in teh werld. everybody just loves her so much! she is teh bestest ever! sex goddess
Cina R 1337z0r! she rox0rs your box0rs!
x0x0x0 i <3 Cina.
by Adiux July 06, 2004
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CiNa is the best!!!!!!!
do u no CiNa? fuk yeh shes the best!
by Anonymous August 02, 2003
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informal to state someone who is stressing out (chill out cina) also someone who nods alot
chill out cina or the german way kool aus kina
by HoboBen June 22, 2007
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A particular small breed of species often found habituating the Long gully region, Victoria, Australia. Often these strange mammals have slanty eyes, and are short, or incredibly small in structure. Mating ceremonies consist of the telling and listening to long stories, then the biting of one another’s neck in a strange fashion. In off breeding season, this bizarre creature can be found migrating from party to party, expressing its love for humans it rarely sees. The female of the species is accustomed to listening to "hardcore" music and strange dance rituals. This endangered species lives off Dim Sims and fried rice, and can often be found during hibernation in Noodle Bar, Victoria Australia. Though being a particularly endangered creature (there is only one left in captivity) if an amazing discovery is made to find another. Keep it as a pet, as they are kind and THE BEST MATES.
"jezarz! look at that cina better keep it away from the passion pop!"
by melissa costello April 28, 2008
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Cina by far one of the world's strongest people accompanied by great looks, chizzled biceps, and suculant pecs
hey look there's clinton portis, wow now he's a cina
by cina April 21, 2005
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