Among central Delaware people this term means that something is really good. Usually used when describing food.
by iLuvBBW! December 29, 2020
Shang-better word for bicycle. Push bike developed into push ang and resuled in shang. Standard word to use on the isle of Guernsey
I stole your shang to get home from the Rockmount (pub)
by 5tefan January 8, 2009
To play a harp aggressively.
Wow, she totally shanged the shit out of that harp solo!
by digit____ August 22, 2021
usually associated with higher intellectual status.
by sayone September 13, 2011
The most Asian Asian of all the Asians to Ever be Asian
Shang is looking pretty Asian today, don't you think?
by LilAsia May 18, 2018
To deceive someone into buying something substandard for your own profit.
So we bought some beer at Shangy's, but they shanged us as usual, convincing Bob to buy some old, crappy beer.
by Nayho September 13, 2011