The girls who fake tan so much either during prom season or all year round that their skin turns orange like terracotta clay.
guy 1: did you see Kennedy?
guy 2: yea she's a total terracotta now because of prom
guy 1: dude she's always been a terracotta
guy 2: yea but she's never been this bad
by markmalevolent April 15, 2009
Marijuana that is hot
usually burning
Yooo man pass the terracotta, its snowing outside!
by Terracotta Warrior November 12, 2009
A fetid combination of menstrual fluids simultaneously expelled and smeared across one's chest after a night of nefarious romping
"Hamish was appalled when he awoke to find the girl from last night had left a terracotta terror"
by MrTerror June 29, 2012
Terracotta Pie is reference to a vagina in the System of the down song "vacinity of obcinity".
Banana banana Terracotta Pie.
by coolhandluc February 8, 2006
A pie cooked in a traditional clay oven. This can be a wide variety of pies including but not limited to cream pies (Not a pie made from semen during sexual intercourse), apple pies, and peach pies (again nothing sexual).
Hey, grandma, that TERRACOTTA PIE we had last night was delicious!
by WEIRDGURL98 May 22, 2022
a term coined to describe a woman who blatantly applies excessive amounts of fake tan;

to the point where she looks orange or more accurately 'terracotta' colored;

generally found to be of low self esteem, thus more likely to be easy.
check out that terracotta tart! little too much fake tan i reckon.
by ol' mate bryan January 22, 2014