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A deep-fried burrito sent from God to please humanity. Deadpool's favorite food.
Deadpool: "I can say 'Chimichanga' in seven languages."
by kai17 August 04, 2013
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wonderfully delightful little frozen burritos
will you put that chimichanga in the mic for me so i can enjoy its savory splendidness in a little less than a minute? thanks
by sk September 08, 2003
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A mexican delicasy, Only found everywhere in the unitedstates and in grocery stores

A gift from heaven.
Dude 1:Yo mayne we needa get us a chimichanga ese
Dude 2: Ell yeah man thats like a gift from 'eaven
by Poonded August 25, 2006
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1) The sound of one's cranium healing after suffering severe head trauma;

2) A deep-fried burrito popular in Southwestern US cuisine
Did someone say "chimichanga"? Never mind. That was just the sound of my skull and brains healing.
by D. Edward "Ed" Poole December 24, 2013
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While more commonly known as a declicious burrito-like Mexican food, a "chimichanga" has been used as far back as 2002 in the New York City region as slang for a unit of time equivalent to approximately 8 minutes.

The specific unit of time a "chimichanga" designates is the subject of debate, as its origin lies in the fact that it takes 1 stoned undergraduate about 8 minutes to consume 1 chimichanga. Most agree that the measurement is exactly 8 minutes 21 seconds, hence "approximately 8 minutes," but only two witnesses were present for the eating of the original chimichanga and both were killed three months later in a freak rhino mauling at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.
Dude, did you SEE Gettysburg? That shit lasted like 30 chimichangas, man!
by Fidosaurous May 25, 2006
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An elite upper-class secretive society which is strictly invite only. All members must at all times live and die by the rules of the sesh.

There is only one way to gane access to chimichanga and that is by unanimous vote followed by a ritual orchestrated by the seshman, if they pass the test and only then, they are accepted into chimichanga.

Some people aspire their whole lives to join the club but only a select few actually manage to make it, once in there's no leaving.
Mary: "did you hear who got accepted into Chimichanga last night??"

Maura: "What crazy kant this time"

Mary: "Donald Trump, I tried to stop it! But I seen the seshman bring over a fishbowl to him and I knew he was a deadman"

Maura: "he's with Chimichanga now, there's no saving him.."
by GameOverJack January 06, 2017
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