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An Age regression community which developed for trauma survivors and neurodivergent people. Known to be extremely anti-kink.
"Are they into DD/LG or something?" 'Nah they're a ChiRe regressor, you probably don't want to mix that shit up"
by Rukiki January 17, 2018
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A term of endearment that Chicagoans use to describe their hometown - especially if they have moved away.

Reference: Lord of the Ring's
"Frodo, I miss the Chire." - Sam
by Miss Marcia November 04, 2011
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The firey sensation on someone's chode or gooch.
"My chode's on fire. That's chire!",
"Somebody call the chire department. This one's out of control!",
"That Chire was Chirific!"
by Tont Danza April 12, 2004
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