Chewed up is what you are after you've been chewed out. Its I guess a mixture of mad/hurt. And I totally made it up.
Amanda was all chewed up yesterday and got mad at me for like the stupidest reason. I think her and Ben are done.
by nonyab e eswax August 12, 2005
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When someone utterly schools your ass, esp. With regards to school marks. May also be applied to social situations like being yelled at.
I was talking to a friend about this femme fatale we know and he said "you'll be chewed-up-and-spat-out by her without so much as a hand gesture".
by I'll be blank, thanx November 07, 2013
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Colorado DOC slang for...get off his nuts.
Damn this dope is do good i got from that dude.
Chew him up then.
by Gyost February 11, 2018
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