Chewed up is what you are after you've been chewed out. Its I guess a mixture of mad/hurt. And I totally made it up.
Amanda was all chewed up yesterday and got mad at me for like the stupidest reason. I think her and Ben are done.
by nonyab e eswax August 13, 2005
When someone utterly schools your ass, esp. With regards to school marks. May also be applied to social situations like being yelled at.
I was talking to a friend about this femme fatale we know and he said "you'll be chewed-up-and-spat-out by her without so much as a hand gesture".
by I'll be blank, thanx November 8, 2013
used when something or someone looks at hot ass mess.
1. damn, your room is chewed the fuck up
2. chile, your head looks chewed the fuck up
3. bitch, them toes is chewed the fuck up
4. that frontal is definitely chewed the fuck up
by harajukushani February 19, 2022