Loves Kayla Hons
Loves Black people music even though he is white
John Chesky
by Dixie Normus May 11, 2004
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A really geeky computer nerd. Used as an insult.
That Brad kid is such a Chesky, hissing at his parents while he's programming in his closet.
by Jonarmy March 14, 2004
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to have explicit unprotected anal sex with a partner and ejaculate in her/his anus, without giving any warning to the recieving partner.
Charlie gave Betsey Sue the ol cheskie; she'll be cleaning the mayo out the back door for days.
by FriendlyStranger:) November 10, 2010
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The only person ever to recieve and give an STD while have sex with a computer.
Hey Brian look at that computer, u can tell there's a Chesky around these parts.
by Dixienourmous(AKA Blackburn) August 24, 2004
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Really loves the Above listed girl. (Kayla Hons)

Also loves the rap
by Dixie Normous May 23, 2004
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delay or change a project due to interruption from higher leadership requirements, which are usually sudden, mis-informed, and mis-aligned.
Company leaderships chesky projects all the time. No wonder their stock dropped 50% after IPO.
by dsksdf August 17, 2021
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