When someone(mainly a girl)is very artistic,laidback,smart,sweet,and full of life.
Jerry:Mary is so cherry cola,she let me copy her notes in math!
Jimmy:cherry cola?
by St.JIMMMMY November 10, 2019
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Someone that's super sweet towards you or other people.
Oh wow Annie is such a cherry cola when she's around us
by PhafreitasIsHotAf December 8, 2019
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a bag that is made from the famous and immortal Lana Del Ray’s skin and blood. it also contains many STDs and other diseases. in some of Lana Del Ray’s songs she mentions cherry cola to put you under a spell that makes you crave her bag of blood and skin. you must avoid hearing the word “cherry cola” in a song at all costs
Lana Del Ray: *sings song about “cherry cola”
by cocaineOWOsewer November 8, 2020
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When you do a black chick and bust her cherry, then five minutes after, her vagina releases a bunch of liquid onto the floor.
I broke Moniqua's cherry, and then five minutes after she made Cherry Cola
by Nigga Van September 9, 2007
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A phrase from the 1996 song "I Want You" by Savage Garden. This phrase may have made some people refer to this song as the "Chic a Cherry Cola Song," because this incredible song was sung at such a fast pace, few people can keep up with the lyrics. It is pure '90s, and pure awesomeness.
Anytime I need to see your face I just close my eyes, and I am taken to a place where the crystal mind and magenta feeling taken shelter in the base of my spine sweet like a chic a cherry cola.
by jonw1987 March 16, 2010
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N. The sudden craving of a certain thing, esp. types of food or drink, as a result of a seemingly random mention of it in the affected person's range of hearing.
Named after several songs that mention cherry cola.
See Also: populyrical.
After hearing the word "wasabi" in the song "One Week," by Barenaked Ladies, Andrew suddenly desired sushi above all else, even though it wasn't particularly a favorite food of his. He wisely attributed the craving to the cherry cola effect.
by TerraForce October 22, 2006
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chic a cherry cola: The phrase may simply be a reference to a very sweet drink. A chicha is usually a fermented drink . . . although, I am told , it can non-fermented. However, in "I Want You," the lead singer may just be making a simile (or comparison) between, possibly, the experience of kundalini rising (or, maybe, just a heightened experience) and the wonderful experience of drinking a really sweet drink . . . a fermented cherry cola would be a really sweet (and possibly exhilarating) drink, especially cold . . . on a particularly hot, summer's day!
A chic a cherry cola is what I like as my sweet drink of choice on a hot day; it gets me a little . . . high!
by jfastereft March 6, 2016
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