girl: omg, i love lana del ray!
gay guy: bitch, u have every right to stfu.. it's LANA DEL REY!!
by ttwaimlana September 2, 2015
A fucking privileged middle aged white karen who brings other people as a token to make her not seem as a total racist. She also tries to look oppressed, like other artists who received way MORE backlash than her whole career. She also is tone deaf about the coronavirus, when she decided to host a book signing, but wore a mask ACCESSORY and not following covid guild lines. Her fans are little devils who will cancel you for only saying the truth about their "oppressed" white girl Lana.
Lana Del Ray is annoying.
by uarefads February 4, 2021
the most iconic person in the music industry.
lana del ray is hot

omgmarry me

lana del rey is queen
lana is mother nature 1.0
I'm gay for lana
yk I'm bi *thumbs up* *annoying emojis*
*hannah montana voice*
we were born to dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
by smeggsi frog February 19, 2021
The Hipster equivalent to Pop music's Katy Perry
"Lana Del Ray is hot, has big lips, models, was on SNL and is an OK singer"
by Professor BigLots February 4, 2012
The new Marlboro Man. Woman smokes a lot of ciggies
Friend: Is that the Marlboro Man?
Me: Nah, just Lana Del Ray
Friend: Oh of course!
by Jason DeRolex June 25, 2018
the queen of the world, she deserves a million grammys, will fight u, sang the national anthem ;),
lol shes a lana del ray? shes awesome
by i will rail ur boyfriend February 8, 2021
lana del ray is a religion,queen and a mother to all the hot people
:who is your fav singer?
/lana del ray
by honeymoon111 November 23, 2021