A fleshy foot and a half penis shaped extension surgically added to your chin.
The drum major had to order a special chin strap to accomodate his sweet chenis.
by Sam Morrison December 22, 2003
A chickens penis....chicken + penis = CHENIS!!! also chinese food at NEW CHINA in dub c
Hey pass those chenises over here! mmmmmm!!!!
by bobjoe December 26, 2003
A chapped penis. One that has been dried up and staring to get little cuts on it.
Hey my boy Rob has been wanking it for a 20 days straight, and he is starting to get a major chenis.
by Steven Prawlak April 16, 2008
A penis that has developed a yellow cheese like substance around the bell end and foreskin, ie. a cheesy penis.
"Oh my God, what on earth is wrong with your penis, obviously you havent showered for a long time and have developed a Chenis."
by Chonga Chotus April 22, 2008
Chenie Is A Sexy,Fit Girl She Allways Gets People On Her And Shes Very Attractive She Has Loads Of Friends She Has The Most Buffest Trainers
Chenie Plays Hard To Get And Shes Sooo Cute
by x.baby.gurl.x April 7, 2018