An experienced member of a marching band who leads the other band members in the director's stead. They bear the responsibilities of maintaining discipline, improving the band's marching and playing abilities, and doing what they can to lighten the burden of the director. Drum majors are often seen as pompous, condescending jerks who are incapable of thinking for themselves once they have been given the position. This may true for some, but more often than not, the drum major is a respectable person who is merely trying to take his job seriously while mainting social relationships with other band members. During performances, drum majors conduct the band and maintain a consistent tempo. An ideal band will have it's drumline watching the drum major and the rest of the band following the drumline. The drum major tends to wear a uniform that is distinctly unique from the rest of the band so as to be easily identified in parades, on the field, at competitions, etcetera.
New Member: Why is the drum major such a jerk to everyone?

Veteran Member: I know he can be an arse sometimes, but he's just doing his job.

Director: Is the band ready to perform on Saturday?

Drum Major: Yes. We were having trouble with some of our sets and it was a bit difficult keeping everyone in time, but we tweaked a few things and we should be fine.

Band Member: Dude, what's your problem? You don't have to be rude about it, just loosen up.

Drum Major: Look, I know I can come across as a jerk, but it's frustrating when I tell you all to do something and you take advantage my patience and don't listen.
by der Oberst September 16, 2012
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The hardest working, yet, most under-appreciated people in a marching band. They take of things that no one even knows about, as to not stress people out.
They work very hard for their positions.
Almost the entire band thinks that drum majors are "power happy."

Drum Major: I'm so glad we were able to find more drum sticks before the director found out and punished everyone ...
Guys, please go put your uniforms away before going home!

Band Member: Why don't they do it themselves?!
Band Member 2: The power has gone to their head.
by catieisrad February 23, 2009
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A person who conducts a marching band or drum corp that is not the director.
Example: She used to be a drum major but now she marchs.
by OnePiecePirate October 13, 2003
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Very talented musicians. Friends of all band members. And they conduct the band at certain events. And every one in the band loves them if not you have a sucky band.
The drum major brought the band to attention.
by freedance16 December 8, 2005
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student picked at the end of the pervious to conduct during marching season. They are at the band director's mercy for three months. They do everything they say, and they are "the model" band student. Usually a senior
band student 1: look at the drum major run to the band director
band student 2: yeah thats pretty phateic
band student 1: what do you think she wanted with the drum major
student 2: to tell the drum major that she wanted a glass of water
by Fizzle the flute June 19, 2006
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Person that conducts a Marching Band of sorts. This highly regarded individual is thought of as keeping the band together as they perform for an audience, when in reality, about 95% of the band is listening to the drumline who are in fact the true conductors of a band. If the band and the drumline are not together in the music everything thing will in short, go to hell. Hence, no one is really watching the drum major as they perform because as we all know, they lack the basic music fundamentals of tempo and time once they step up onto their pedestal.
Freshman Band Member: Hey, which Drum Major should I watch as we march?
Veteran Member: Fuck that shit. Just listen back to the drums.
by Larrence September 13, 2005
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Member of the band with the most stress. Spends the entire time terrified that they will get sick and lose their voice. Mocked by the majority of the drumline. Will not eat or sleep until band season is over (anywhere from 3-6 months) and might end up medicated by the time it's over. Cringes when band director comes toward them. When something goes wrong with the tempo, band director will blame it on them. When something goes wrong with ANYTHING, band director will blame it on them. Usually seen with a metronome within a 5 ft radius of them. Hears metronome clicking in their nightmares. Yet they love every single moment of it. Might be nervous about going outside their original section, but comes to love every person in the band and feels as if they know them all personally. If they are nice, band members will love them back, even if they suck at being drum major (aside from few jerks who have never taken a drum major lesson in their life and like to criticize every move the drum major makes)
Band director: "The tempo dragged that time. Don't let that happen"
Drum major: *yeah, with my magical make-the-band-watch-me-skills??*
by drummajorer November 30, 2010
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