A patch of hair grown on the chin that looks like a chin strap for a football helmet. Similar to a goatee.
Jimmy was so proud because after months of practice, he was finally able to grow and perfect his chinstrap beard.
by Michael Eric Brown May 28, 2005
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A douchey beard style, favored by guidos who want to make their steroid-infused jaws appear to be at a 90 degree angle. One of the top 5 worst facial hair styles to have, according to most women.
Guy 1: Check out that fucking douchebag with the chin strap.

Guy 2: Holy crap, that's douchey.
Douchebag: WUT U SAY?! /raaage
by Smatchmo the Trumpeteer April 26, 2010
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Not simply a strip of facial hair but a complete and utter way of life that only the most elite, select few can conquer and uphold. Often comes with the dougie.
Girls flocked to Dylan's chin strap, as they knew with great facial hair, comes great responsibiliy.
by Steady Strappin' December 22, 2010
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When someone shaves some of their pubic hairs and sticks to a sticky sumstance and sticks to ones face from ear to ear going across the chin thus looking like a hariy chin strap.
"I gave that fatty trevor a chin strap last night when he was asleep, but now my balls are cold."
by Zack the one armed bandit January 16, 2006
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someone who has severe overbite and a ginormous chin (usualy accompanied with a giant forehead)
by jev January 30, 2004
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Synonym for perineum, "taint" and "chode".
I'm glad to have a chin strap down there.
by B Dominguez December 23, 2003
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British army slang to mean extremely tired or worn out. As if to be hanging from the chinstrap of ones helmet.
he was chin strapped after the 1o mile run
by rojoags June 2, 2009
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