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A simple girl who people can never really understand. She is unique and hilarious. She has many talents and is very used to people misspelling her name. She can either be a shy Chelcy or a bold, outgoing Chelcy. No in between. Hold on to a Chelcy. She is a keeper. She will show you love and affection and make sure you know you’re wanted. But be careful. Don’t brake a Chelcy's heart. You’ll miss het when you see her wondering the streets with her life perfectly fixed life.
Bob: Did you hear about the new girl?
Alyssa: Yeah, she seems like a Chelcy. I wanna be friends with her!
by Ilovefoodanddudesandstuff November 06, 2017
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The same thing as a queef except when a girl chelcy's its as if she has not showered for days and a small amount of juice comes out.
"i was having sex with my new girlfriend and she chelcy'd all over my dick.
by Anonymous October 07, 2003
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