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A Chegger is a type of person with a poor taste in fashion, namely preferring to wear shirts covered in checkers and other basic designs. Cheggers can be normally be found browsing Old Navy Clearance sales or in shopping malls, where they tend to go window shopping at Gap before eating alone at the Food Court. Cheggers are usually overweight, which is which why they prefer to be covered in checkers, hoping that will distract others from their blubber.
"Man, who would even ever buy this shirt? It's turrible! Oh, yeh that fat chegger over there would."
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by panman1 September 04, 2017
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Fuel for Nimrods, often Ketamine Based. Illegal in this country but is rife in Spain. Nimrod`s often have to travel a long way to get this fuel.
Nimrod needs some Cheggers.

I`m wasted on Cheggers.

I`m Cheggered to the Max.
by MC Timmy G June 22, 2006
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Keith Chegwin of Cheggers Plays Pop and Big Breakfast fame.
1: Mate, did you see Cheggers was in the Daily Mirror today?
2: I love that beautiful Chegwin bastard
by tyler_uk April 01, 2007
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One of the new wave 80's fashion retro kids. Usually seen with highlighted mullet hair and sweat band. Named after the 80's icon of crap hair and fashion keith chegwin.
Bloody hell this place is full of cheggers tonight!
by chopper October 12, 2003
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To drink a top shelf beverage whilst showering.
MATE: You gonna be ready for 7, like?
ME: Yeah, I'm gonna do a Cheggers, aren't I?
by Tanya Hall October 15, 2010
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To repeat somebody else's joke (usually on social media) in the hope of claiming the credit for yourself. Named after Keith "Cheggers" Chegwin, whose Twitter output has a high proportion of cheggered jokes.
"That joke you told - you cheggered it straight off Ricky Gervais"
by Duckorange March 17, 2016
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1. Another (less known) term for a bogey/greeny. Mucus that has hardened and formed into a horrible green substance, usually flicked into people's faces by immature brats on school buses.

2. A moniker for British TV personality and all round nob head, Keith Chegwin.
I picked a large chegger from my nose and threw it into Molly's mashed potato!
by Reginald Barrington August 26, 2003
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