The way the great Charles Barkley speaks of the actual English word "terrible."
Used many times to describe teams such as the Milwaukee Bucks, Atlanta Hawks, and Minnesota Timberwolves
Man did you see that Bucks Hawks game the other night, that was just turrrible.

Man Scottie Pippin is a foo, he should not come back to the NBA, he would be just turrible
by Julio Mundo January 11, 2008
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an adjective describing something so bad even stupid people recognize it's stupidness.
Speaker 1: I'm gonna candy coat this alka-seltzer and swallow it to see what happens.

Speaker 2: That's a turrible idea!
by turrible March 31, 2009
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extremely bad, even worse then terrible, usually to express remorse for something so bad words usually cant descirbe untill now
When Frank's dad died i felt turrible
by hoomer December 1, 2011
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The Charles Barkley way of saying "terrible." Usually it means something that is beyond terrible, and it often contradicts something he said earlier in the sentence.
Charles: "Now I love LeBron James. I love everything about him. But that boy plays some Turrible defense"
by Bro Lieberman October 12, 2010
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