A hunter that is so skillful in his work, he finishes his job very quickly and efficiently.
"oh look, look at 'im, he's so full of skills, isn't he?"
"what a nimrod"
by UsingPeopleforPleasure September 11, 2022
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A mighty hunter and godking of Babylon and legendary founder of Mesoptamiam civilization.
Also a descendant of Noah.

Name popularized by Bugs Bunny calling the Elmer Fudd, the hunter,"Nimrod".
This was mocking Elmer sarcastically for being a poor hunter of wabbits.

Has nothing to do with foolishness or stupidity outside of those who misinterpreted the quote from Loony Toons.
Nimrod was the Son of Cush, and a mightyhunter before the Lord.
by Rustee Ventura August 9, 2017
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A name used to describe an incredibly ignorant and clueless person.

Historically Nimrod was the Grandson of Noah in the book of Genesis.
by Vent172 March 18, 2015
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Long haired troll hippie. has pencil pyjama. Weird sense of humor. kind of a pervert.
nimrod nimrod come home! we miss you under the bridge.
by lorrydriver69 December 4, 2019
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A supremely annoying person.
That nimrod kept asking me for money.
by Xaviong March 25, 2014
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a jokey name for a friend who's a bit of an idiot...
You're such a nimrod, mate. What you doing? haha!
by Kittyplaybuttsausage May 14, 2015
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1. A toooopid hoooman
2. A great hunter, and descendant of Ham from the Bible times.
3. An adjective used to describe a stoooopid hoooman.
Girl: " That idea is soooo nimrodical!"
by COOKIEWOOKY October 2, 2019
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