An adjective used to describe someone who has never actually participated in a given topic (usually sports), and is usually unknowledgeable and/or unintelligible. This word usually describes the obese, cheeto eating, couch potato who thinks they are smart and constantly gives their opinion on sports, and act as i it is complete truth, when in fact he/she knows nothing about the sport.
Look at this guy and his cheeto-finger rankings he made on the current AFC rankings, he should just stick to playing Madden in his mother's basement.

Did anybody look at the cheeto-finger UFC rankings? They have Cody Garbrandt as #8 when he is undefeated and clearly kicking ass. Typical cheeto-finger dog shit.
by gangar5599 May 28, 2017
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the act of placing fingers on objects, after handling Cheetos; leaving an orange or red (flamin' hot) residue.
"There was a girl in the library Cheeto-fingering the keyboard."

"Dude, please don't Cheeto-finger my Xbox controller!"
by t4z July 28, 2011
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Todd Clem, aka Bubba the Love Sponge, first used the term at 98 ROCK after using a Preparation H suppository.
Mike Waters: Bubba, what's that on your fingers?

Todd Clem: I got Cheetos Fingers!

Mike: Hemorrhoids?

Todd: Ya gotta go deep, brother.
by Bubba Army Troll March 27, 2019
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The obvious sign that you have been previously consuming Cheetos. Identified by oddly red or orange coloring to the the thumb, index finger, and middle finger. However, it can spread to the remaining fingers in cases of voracious and ravenous eating of Cheetos.

Those aren't Cheeto fingers.

THESE are Cheeto fingers (insert spirit finger motion here)
by ErickEbonic_BlackerThanYou March 12, 2009
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the unpleasant or pleasant orange or red residue left on the fingers after eating a bag of cheetos. Can usually be cleaned by licking or washing hands several times.
Gynecologist: Hey buddy want my last cheeto?

Guy: Man i dont want your nasty ass cheetos! youve been puttin ur gross cheeto fingers on all of em.
by fertileturtel December 22, 2008
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The residue left on your fingers after fingering a girl; usually white and chunky.
S-you want some sandwhiches?
M-yeah, you wash your hands after last night?
S-naw, i still got me some cheeto fingers
by ThizzIL Raindrops February 15, 2010
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usually only ocurs from getting twaked. When you smoke so many cigarettes your smoking fingers turn orange (quite noticibally)
Person one: did you here that?
Person two: you got fuckin cheeto fingers dumb fuck!
Person one: ill shave it when i finally take a shower.
by double j train October 10, 2005
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