A cheetah is a teacher who is fierce. Cheetahs are brave and creative and don’t ever step in the way of a cheetah because they will fight back. Cheetahs are members of the group cheetahs girls they all wear cheetah pint maybe not daily but are vey bussin. Cheetahs always unite cheetahs will scratch but not bite. The cheetah girls favorite song is by the spice girls called wannabe. Cheetahs are proud to be one of the girls even if they don’t now it. They will eat apples and bananas there fav item is a cheetah print mask.
by Obomamama May 27, 2021
A girl That the company hires just to blow everyone once a week.
Man Melissa is a Cheetah Girl.

Sissy your my new "CHEETAH GIRL"
by Pimp D. July 11, 2011
A girl group with three movies. They sing, dance and act. Sometimes a little cheesy but their music is really good if you at least try and listen to it. Forget about the fact it's on disney channel and that some things that happen in the movies are completely predictable. Close your eyes and just give it a chance. Who knows.
Girl 1 to Girl 2 : Hey who sings your profile song? It's really good.
Girl 2: Cheetah Girls.
Girl 1: really. wow. better than i expected...
by Sophdog. February 4, 2009

retarded group of girls from disney channels with a bunch of shitty pop songs that make no sense whatsoever.
girl 2: what the fuck..
girl 2: ...
by mooooooose! lololololol. July 27, 2008
Four girls on the Disney Channel that make music videos and are in the movie The Cheetah Girls and The Cheeta Girls 2. Raven Symone is not always in the music videos. Some people think they suck, but that's only because they're on the Disney Channel.
Cheetah Girls: it's cheetalicious!!
by DumbRere January 1, 2007
Another druggy musical show created by disney. Their music is a rip-off from the other ones, they don't have originality.
This is an example of slutty shows.
Mike: What's this show?
Ian: It's Cheetah Girls. It really sucks.
Mike: Well it seems obvious. Looks like disney fed another hungry sluts instead of creating a good cartoon.
by fakebash October 29, 2010
Feeling extremely embarrassed, stupid, or in shame during or after viewing the Cheetah Girls 3 movie. Can also be used in any other context when feeling extreme embarrassment, stupidity, or shame.
Jay felt Cheetah girl stupid after he saw his best friend and mom doing the Stanky Leg in the school parking lot.
by LCortez13 May 12, 2009