Hannah shut the fuck up and clean the bathrooms you be chattin
by Fhahdjdjwmdd December 7, 2018
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a word new yorkers say, like another word for talking shit or talking to much
ayo stop chattin im tryna focus
by yungxkappalot March 31, 2020
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1: Talking to somebody
2: Talking about somebody
1: Can i chat to you for a minute?
2: what you been chattin bout me?
by LozzaK May 30, 2005
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to talk a load of hot air, garbage etc
idiot 1: "I'm the boy blud...me aint no wasteman"

idiot 2: "yeh whatever, your chattin fart mate"
by mingemuncher July 4, 2009
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The act of someone forcing you to engage in conversation with them when you would prefer not to. Often the 'conversation' is of no substance (aka nonversation).
If this person next to me don't stop rape-chattin' me, I'm going to bust him in his throat!
by Princess Daydream March 27, 2009
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