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Chatspeak, aka netspeak. This is a form of speech in which one shortens words and replaces the letter "s" with the letter "z" in an effort to save time and look cool. Chatspeakers also rarely use capitalization or correct punctuation.

Chatspeakers are generally looked down on by people who can actually spell and who have enough self-respect to type out a real sentence.

Chatspeak can never be considered 'literate.'

Boys- Boiz
Girls- girlz, grlz, grrlz, gurlz
Mate- m8
Skater- sk8er
You- u
Are- r
Tonight- 2nite
Because- Bcuz

Et cetera.
hi im a grrl how r u??? ok so dont talk 2 me i dont care!!!
by truthfulone November 28, 2003
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Slang and misspelled words that are commonly used on IM.
lyke omgzz hai grrlfren!!!1!1!1one ohemgee lyke eye saw diz grrl upp 2 da m@ll n she wuz lyke omgzzz u suk n i wuz lyke waaaa!!! :'( Will g2g l8rr!!!1!!1 oxox
by *Rae June 24, 2005
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A person{s} attempt at looking cool, or to save time by shortening words. Chatspeak is also used by people that have no idea how to spell in an attempt to communicate on the internet. People who use chatspeak rarely capitalize or use a period, they are extremely annoying to people that know how to spell, and generally only make friends or have conversations with other people that use chatspeak.

See annoying, retarded, stupid, irritating.
Chatspeak example:
Two, to, too - 2
For, thereFORe - 4
You - u
Are - r
Boy - boi
Skater - sk8er
What - wot
The - da
by Kaidoe August 19, 2008
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A pathetic attempt at looking cool and saving time. Useful for people who can't spare a third of a second, or morons who can't spell "Dude, got a quarter?" A disgrace to the english language and also almost every other language anyone ever came up with.
(h@t$I*3@k or chatspeak
by theystolemyidentity April 03, 2008
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Chatspeak is pretty much the Language of the Idiots. It is used by those too stupid/lazy to type properly.
This is an example of chatspeak: yo u wanna go 2 da mall 2dai
by *Vicky* February 21, 2006
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Hell on the internet.

A disgrace to grammar.

See annoying.
Person 1: omg ur meen u duma$$ lol

Person 2: And you're stupid. :)

Person 1: lol dnt b dum im betr dan u

Person 2: -lets out a long, drawn-out sigh- I hate chatspeak.

by Bleak September 13, 2005
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