Chatspeak, aka netspeak. This is a form of speech in which one shortens words and replaces the letter "s" with the letter "z" in an effort to save time and look cool. Chatspeakers also rarely use capitalization or correct punctuation.

Chatspeakers are generally looked down on by people who can actually spell and who have enough self-respect to type out a real sentence.

Chatspeak can never be considered 'literate.'

Boys- Boiz
Girls- girlz, grlz, grrlz, gurlz
Mate- m8
Skater- sk8er
You- u
Are- r
Tonight- 2nite
Because- Bcuz

Et cetera.
hi im a grrl how r u??? ok so dont talk 2 me i dont care!!!
by truthfulone November 28, 2003
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...Well, it's not English, I can tell ya that.
12jhsefwe ghewkhtjk? OMFG ROFL dslfh7 hska--9 hasfjh fsjlsehr!!!

-brb <3
by Tianto November 25, 2004
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Idiotic form of chat used by 12 year old AOL users. This form of chat comes with many random "omg" and "lol's". Usually the chatter is prepubescant.
Sk8kiddzrool: omg hai!111!
Ryan: Are you retarded?
Sk8kiddzrool: no u r u mofo, i no were u liv & will scrw ur mom lololololol!111!!1one!!
by TheRealPecker April 14, 2005
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A person{s} attempt at looking cool, or to save time by shortening words. Chatspeak is also used by people that have no idea how to spell in an attempt to communicate on the internet. People who use chatspeak rarely capitalize or use a period, they are extremely annoying to people that know how to spell, and generally only make friends or have conversations with other people that use chatspeak.

See annoying, retarded, stupid, irritating.
Chatspeak example:
Two, to, too - 2
For, thereFORe - 4
You - u
Are - r
Boy - boi
Skater - sk8er
What - wot
The - da
by Kaidoe August 19, 2008
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The shortening of words and adding of numbers, usually used on an instant messenger service, that makes you look incredibly stupid. Usually makes no sense, and is hard to decipher. Rarely paired with correct spelling and punctuation. Also known as idiotspeak.
yo r u goin down 2 the club 2day
by Eponine March 24, 2004
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Chatzpeak (or netspeak) is a popular internet dialect that originated in the 90s & 00s. It's characterized by shortening + abbreviation of words, use of z instead of s, and sometimes da instead of the. (Note: chatspeak sounds cool as all fuck and I wish I were better at it. Fuck all you saying it sounds bad)

Popular words:

Girls: Girlz
Boys: Boyz

You: U
Be: B
Are: R
Talk to you later: TTYL
Friends: Frenz
Mary smith: "I always talk 2 my frenz using chatspeak!"
Her phone:
@xxbloodntearsxxx: GTG, TTYL? <3
@enobydarknessdemtiaxx: Ya, 2nite?

@xxbloodntearsxxx: IAD, LY
@enobydarknessdemtiaxx: LYT <3
by Shed Bifus October 8, 2021
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