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To exchange something for the exact same thing you traded, or to trade something for the same thing you offered as a trade, or to make something that ends up being the exact same as the source material.

To exchange a dollar for a dollar.

To make gold from gold, or buy (the same amount of gold) with the same amount of gold.
by Ronnie Dickface August 22, 2009
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When someone's mind is so consumed with going pee that everything else that one thinks about pales in comparison.
Oh man, we were on a road trip and we were like four hours in and I needed to go soooo bad; it was all I was tinking about.

Tinking out loud sounds like:

1) Is that a rest stop up there?
2) Can I get to that tree...looks like only a couple feet of stinging nettles?
3) I shouldn't have had the 64 oz slurpy!
4) How long until we're there?
5) Too late.....ewe
by !TGuy September 30, 2011
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