A word describing a random, completely inexplicable action, sentence, etc. Can be extremely idiotic. It relates directly to the way in which socially accepting and completely awkward kids attending a good Charter school behave.
Oh. Cut off your shoelaces again? Very charter of you.
by Lactatious Chicken January 14, 2017
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A boy, usually in highschool, who lets people rent out his shoes. They are exceptionally large shoes, and are generally furnished with pictures of dinosaurs . The most valued customer at the Charter ShoePlaza is always the D'Amico , regardless of the time of day, or if renovations are being done.

The Charter always gives amazing hugs, and has an extremely distinct smell. Charters can play guitar and write breath-taking song lyrics, they're pretty much amazing all around.
Of course they do ! This is the Charter Shoeplaza we're talking about here, not your mom's house !
by Shirley or Ronald ? June 16, 2010
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The orange film that collects between your teeth and gums from eating a bag of cheetos
You must have eaten Cheetos. I can see the charter from across the room.
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The worst phone, television, and internet provider out there.
Person: Hey, I would call you, but my charter is not working...again.
Other Person: Oh, well just email me then.
Person: Sorry, my charter internet won't turn on.
Other Person: Charter sucks.
by flipflop48 December 19, 2008
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Verb To get completely, utterly and physically fucked out of your mind by narcotics, alcohol, and/or physical interaction.

Adjective To be completely, utterly and physically fucked up by narcotics, alcohol and/or physical interaction.
Let's go get chartered, Margret !

I'm so fucking chartered right now, John!

Let's charter that cunt!
by Goatgoatsmash May 7, 2018
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A person who is an expert in the field of Accountancy, Auditing, Taxation, Finance and Management and has obtained his professional degree through hard work and sacrifice.
Hanna : The govt sent me a notice to pay tax with penalty and interest... What should I do ?
Barbara : Oh, then you need to consult a Chartered Accountant immediately.
by HolyFuckKnuckles May 28, 2018
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