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D'amico is commonly the name of a girl with VERY tiny feet. So tiny that she has horrible balance. Every time she pushes her Charter internet service, he gives her a hug, to make her balance even once more.
Laura: "I'm gunna push you!"
Ryan: "NO LAURA!"
Ryan: "Ok.. I guess I need to replenish your balance."

--D'amico action just happened.
by Shirly or Ronald? June 10, 2010
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Damico is a kind loving person that always knows how to make your day. He’s stubborn but knows when enough is enough. He is not afraid to speak his mind and knows how to make you laugh at the right times. He’s really loving and caring even when he shouldn’t be. Find a Damico
Person: wow that guy over there seems like a really good friend

“Yeah he’s a Damico
by Ppl_Are_Toxic101 June 17, 2018
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literally the boy that you would get jealous over his eyelashes because they’re so freaking long. He’s a natural athlete, yet he’s short for some mysterious reason. He’s that kind that have true friendship. And to be honest, he’s also the one that seems cute and sweet at first, but trust me. He can be playful and dark sometimes. He have that kind of dick that is larger than his age. Hahahahaha. His name is Damico Hammer. He will hammer your heart so watch out!
Gym... playing stepping stone

Damico: Emily, step in feet. We’ll have more room for the others. We gotta win this.
Me: you’re small though. I’m literally gonna freaking crush you.
Damico: just do it Emily!
Me: *step on his feet* (omg a boy is freaking so fucking close to me IWANTTODIE)
Also me: * “accidentally” touch dick through his pants wth leg while trying to making myself comfortable on his feet* HOLYSHITTUE I TOTALLY DID NOT MEANT TO DO THAT. TOTALLY. HAHAHA...
Friend (Charley): wow emily. I see how you are. I see. Why am I even friends with you. *facepalm*
by ICRAVEDFORBTSDICKS October 19, 2018
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