To ignore or stop texting/talking to someone. Usually a boyfriend/girlfriend but can also be a friend to.
"Cant belive Kylee cut off Marco just like that. They were so tight"
by Redspicybumd October 06, 2017
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In the card game of poker: The person who is to the right of the dealer. In casual games the player in this position gets to pick one half off the deck, as a "security check" after the cards are shuffled. Also known as to "cut off" of the deck.
- Did you really raise with Queen Jack into the big stack?

- Yea, but everyone folded before me and i was in the cut off, so i wanted to gain position.
by Vinzi July 08, 2009
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usually a statement a girl would make to her significant other, to hold-out on sex.
guy: "Hey babe, let's go cut sometin!"

girl: "You stupid-ass mofo, you still cut off from the shit you pulled last week around yo' boys!
by Noliaboy00 June 05, 2005
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When someone stops talking to you, because you're just a waste of their time or just plain annoying, most cutting off happens around new years eve.
Tiara: For new years I cut of f most of my friends because they're drama starters and it's 2018 I don't have time for that. Cutting off
by Bigolejuicyflipflop February 03, 2018
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To break up with (dump) or stop dating or talking to someone.
Time to cut off all my old broads and get some new freaks.

"Cut my ex-girl off cause she broke my last Phillie"--Grand Puba
by Kuahmel January 23, 2009
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when someone suddenly drives in front of u by changing lanes, endangering ur life and the lives of ppl around u. if u are ever cut off then it is ur duty to follow the laws of the road.
1) kill the mutha fucka b4 he kills someone else
2) run away, cause police r unfamiliar with the code
3) most importantly, u must cool down and remain calm. u cant shoot a gun with unsteady hands
guy1) dude that guy just cut me off!
guy2) remember the code

guy on news) some retard got killed today. this should teach u guys not to cut people off
by deaded March 25, 2005
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