He was feeling "mopey" today because he missed his friend.
by Alex_ifb October 6, 2005
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To feel sad or feeling down about somthing.
A person given to gloomy or dejected moods.
I was feeling mopey yesterday because my mom whooped my ass.
by pjulie482 July 17, 2008
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a state of (often attention seeking and usually false) depression over the distant past which people REALLY don't care about any more.
Stop being so MOPEY bout...Wall street crash, fall of Roman Empire, breakup of Ottoman Empire, Bubonic Plague, Great Fire of London, being dumped by Ciara.
by Gary Hanley July 11, 2006
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One who is depressed or sad, usually for no specific reason.
Person 1: Adam looks really sad.
Person 2: Yeah, he's being a mopey grape.
by Flyingel May 23, 2015
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Person who lacks energy/enthusiasm. One who is boring or lame and unwilling to participate in a fun activity because they are too busy being a herb.
I asked Jeremy to come out to the bar with me tonight, but instead he's going to be a mopey dick and play WOW all night. (world of war craft)
by English Partner :) September 7, 2014
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A mopey fuck is a person who is always pessimistic and sad about every bloody event in their life. A mopey fuck will constantly act glum regardless of the occasion and often persistently talk about how terrible their life is and will always find a negative to even the happiest of events.

Mopey Fucks are unlike normal realists, despite being miserable about life's misfortunes, they seem to bring them upon themselves by constantly being pessimistic, in fact, they seem to enjoy misery and suffering, despite how much they piss and moan about it.
Person 1: My gosh, it's such an awesome day outside! The sun is shining brightly in the cloudlessly blue sky, a cool breeze is gently rippling the crisp air....

Person 2: All I see is pain and misery...

Person 1: Go piss off, you mopey fuck.
by Leto172010 December 26, 2011
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