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The word used in which one who feels exultant by common supremacy of a leading figure; Actress Crystal Chappell. An action by which a feeling is derived when you are passionate, fond, or elated. To be in awe of or be dumbfounded by anything that is related to or of Crystal Chappell.
- "I haven't been more chappelled since I started watching this TV show!"

- "I was so chappelled yesterday when I bought a new car!"

- "I am chappelled and proud of it!"
by Ohtalia April 11, 2009
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Overmanaging an outstanding creative talent in a way that drives them out of work,

Originating from Comedy Central Dave Chappelle drama
-Jimmy was an outstanding scientist; too bad he was chappelled out of school by Professor Horgan.

-Tiger Woods was about to be chappelled by his father til Tiger laid the smack down.
by paleface July 08, 2006
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The act in which a phrase or saying that was once comical becomes less and less so with every use. (Not a knock on the comedian Dave Chappelle in any way but the idiots who overly imitate his comedic genius)
"What. What. Okayyyyy"
"I'm Rick James Bitch"
by dandy andy January 20, 2005
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