The state of being angry or annoyed. Usual referred to when having a bad time, or being unhappy. Can also be best used when you have made someone angry.
Yeah man, Steve was so chapped. His girlfriend is giving him so much shit!

I don't want to go to the party, I'm feeling really chapped.

You chapped that guy. He'll never buy our bagels now.
by Kassidari February 5, 2010
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To get in trouble. Usually with the police. Used often in Santa Cruz County.
The po's rolled at that kegger and me and matt got straight chapped. They gave me a drunk in public ticket. Not puss.
by Moreah January 12, 2009
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Used to describe something of poor quality or make, or something that is cringe-inducing. Can apply to anything from media such as a movie, TV show, or music, to items such as food, technology, etc. Can even apply to a situation, such as a social interaction or conversation.
"Man, the visual effects in that movie were so chapped."

"Imagine Dragons' new song is so chapped."

Joe: "McDonald's got my order wrong again."

Steve: "Man, that's chapped."
by vayperwayve November 7, 2019
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1. Having no money 2. uncool 3. ugly 4.disrespectful 5. generally undesirable
" Nigga your ol lady is chapped."

" I gotta find some ins im booku chapped."
by Lyrical_Beast September 8, 2009
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Verb. The action of being scooped by a hand instead of a fist bump when you requested for one.
A: Give me a bump
B: (Scoop the fist instead)
A: Ohno! I got chapped.
by Sakupao October 10, 2023
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angry, agrivated, an annoying word steven uses too much
steven: you chapped brah!?!?

patrick: yeh your pissin me off fag
by s cortez November 14, 2008
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The best player in the triad factions orginaztion. Chapped is well known for his squeaky voice and multiple mixed ethnicities.
User 1: hey who's screaming in the call about not being Asian?
User: it's that nigga chapped again.
by Pro Mineman July 8, 2018
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