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Channy is an awesome Asian who has no stereotypical Asian traits, and instead has Swedish ones.
Swedish: Det Channy รคter Svensk choklad.
English: That Channy is eating Swedish chocolate.
by TheBrociety June 25, 2010
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The pairing of Chad Dylan Cooper and Sonny Monroe from Sonny with a Chance, which many fan girls are obsessed with.
In the beginning they had a love/hate relationship which was mildly entertaining, yet a little annoying. People say opposites attract, but maybe this pairing is too different. Which may be why their relationship in season two didn't work out.
Obssesed Fan girl: OMG, Did you see Channy's kiss in the episode Sonny With a Chance?! OMG, I LOVE Channy!

Me: Eh, I think Channy is overrated. Chad would be much better with Tawni.
by xXaRandomPersonXx June 09, 2011
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The love/hate relationship between Sonny Munroe and Chad Dylan Cooper in Disney's "Sonny With A Chance"
A: "Did you see last nights "Sonny With A Chance"?

B: "Yes. But there was absolutely no Channy. They didn't even see each other in the whole episode!"
by untilyourmine975 February 16, 2010
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Referring to one who is morbidely obese, and/or has eaten a close relative.
EX 1:
Person 1: "Hey i'm running for president, any tips?

Person 2:"Yeah let channy vote for you so you can get a 10 person lead."

Ex 2:
Martin: "I saw it, i saw this huge hideous creature walking toward me!"

Gabe: Oh, thats just channy air drying.

Channy: Giggidy
by Pej-e March 30, 2009
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This term is commonly used to describe someone who has a mangina, its a purely derogatory word, despite this it can replace any adjective or noun as a part of a sentence.
wow, your eyes are sooo channy
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A derogatory slang word reffering to a woman who has a the face of a oiseau (bird)
Guy A: "Did you see that girl?"
Guy B: "Yeah"
Guy A: "She had a pointy nose that made her look like a channy"
by Ray-Cory-yar-yar November 03, 2007
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