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A word used when something hot or sexy has been done or said, originated by the Family Guy character Quagmire. Use liberally throughout everyday conversations.
(Lap Dance)
by G-nizzle Frac-sizzle November 16, 2005
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also when anything happens that is so good you just about get an erection(or would if you had a penis....)
teacher: "today's pop quiz is canceled"
koomori: "giggidy!"
by koomori December 19, 2005
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that means it is the quag's time to git it onnnnnnnnn!; term showing glen quagmire of the tv show family guy is sexually aroused.
girl walks by and she is smokin' "Giggidy giggidy goo!" says glen.
by chuckM March 15, 2009
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describes a small group of cute, of age girls. usually consisting of no more than 3 girls of a group of "giggidies", must be approachable. in some cases there will be one slightly less appealing girl of the group and of course tactically the best way to approach a group of "giggidies" (if out numbered) is to engage in a conversation opening with a phrase of cunning, used for expressing the interest of the group, something that could be applied to all but spoken directly to the lesser attractive.
your in the mall and you and your buddy are shopping in h&m and you see three girls checking out the discount rack(s). in this case most likely the females will be apart but within conversing range to one another. "bro, check out those giggidies!" the approach is simple, you must appear as though you do not notice the females. no eye contact what so ever. remember your there to "shop not chop" (see "chop" for ref.)
by ptzaaslice March 30, 2011
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