One of the most amazing people you will ever meet. Usaully a jewish girl. Who is beutiful gorgeous and sexy. Tends to act a little dumb, but means well. Extreamlly kind and very fun to be with!
Ted: omg you no what would be so fun??

Jon: What???

Ted: Hangin out with a Channi
by chingchon February 01, 2011
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Channy is an awesome Asian who has no stereotypical Asian traits, and instead has Swedish ones.
Swedish: Det Channy äter Svensk choklad.
English: That Channy is eating Swedish chocolate.
by TheBrociety June 25, 2010
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A way of escaping from reality and going into a world of love, lust, and prosperity.
Quit daydreaming about channie.
by Miss Ngo February 10, 2003
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A nice and sweet girl; Polite and well-mannered; Fun and loving.
Awww she is such a channie!
by channie February 10, 2003
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A Channy is a type of homosapian that walks the in earth in a constant state of awkwardness. A Channy is only comfortable in its natural habitat which consists of sims and fruit flavored yoghurt.

Warning: If you see this species are a male do not approach A Channy is she will curl up in a ball and make mewling noises for she does not know how to connect with the male species. She is also know to attack if you pause Lion King on her video player.
I see a Channy over there, isn't she pretty.
Don't approach an unsuspecting Channy.
by Channy, Australia. September 07, 2014
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The pairing of Chad Dylan Cooper and Sonny Monroe from Sonny with a Chance, which many fan girls are obsessed with.
In the beginning they had a love/hate relationship which was mildly entertaining, yet a little annoying. People say opposites attract, but maybe this pairing is too different. Which may be why their relationship in season two didn't work out.
Obssesed Fan girl: OMG, Did you see Channy's kiss in the episode Sonny With a Chance?! OMG, I LOVE Channy!

Me: Eh, I think Channy is overrated. Chad would be much better with Tawni.
by xXaRandomPersonXx June 09, 2011
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