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Ken has a sweet ass champ stamp of a flaming, soaring eagle !
by Steve Stevaguesen September 01, 2009
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When you rub your sweaty ball sack on a sleeping person's head.
I champ stamped the fat kid on the last day of summer camp.
by GnarlyPirate May 24, 2005
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A tattoo, typically placed on the lower back region, depicting the San Francisco Giants 2010 World Series Championship win. Commonly found on middle-aged men, the tattoo typically is usually associated with mild obesity and hairy backs. Typical reactions to the champ stamp include, but are not limited too, drunken embracements, high fives, and/or illusions of the men convincing themselves they actually had something to do with the victory
Bob: I just got a champ stamp!
Jerry: Whoa, I just got a sudden urge to touch you.
by sfgiants24 April 06, 2011
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when you punch someone in the face with one or more state champion rings.
i totally just champ stamped some dude that was getting in my face.
by bmagic December 03, 2008
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