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soar ing ea gle
sawr-ing, sohr- ee-guhl


: a sexual act that is preformed between a man and a woman; requiring (but not limited to) a jet powered wingsuit, plane, and stunt air bag.

The man is to jump from a plane, wearing a jet powered wingsuit, at approximately 2,000 feet above the ground achieving a decent angle of 25 degrees parallel the horizon. The man will hold this angle until he has reached the woman. The woman will lie in wait, in the missionary position. As the man is mere inches from the ground, and the woman, he will engage the jets to achieve horizontal flight. As he reaches the woman he will insert his penis into her vagina. The woman will then wrap her legs tightly around the man’s hips. This will insure that the woman does not fall before the appropriate moment. The man will then increase the jets to full power in order to achieve an ascent angle of 35 degrees. The man and woman will then travel a distance of 100 feet where they will reach the drop zone. Once this point has been reached, the man will then go into a 15 degree decent angle. At this time, the woman will let go of the man’s hips and slid of his penis, falling onto the stunt air bag. The man will then again ascend until he has reached a safe altitude to release his parachute. (Note: The altitude to deploy one’s parachute will depend on the altitude at which this act is being preformed)
Steve- "Did you hear what happened to Tom?"
Fred- "No."
Steve- "His girlfriend want to try the soaring eagle, and he broke his dick off."
Fred- "You can do that?"
by sdrawkcabssa December 06, 2010
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A sexual act in which a woman services three men at a time by spreading her arms out to replicate wings, giving two hand jobs while simultaneously giving the third man a blow job. Variations include the 5-man eagle, in which whilst performing the aforementioned task she also receives vaginal and anal penetration from two other men.
In popular culture: In A$AP Rocky's "Fuckin' Problems" featured artist Drake quotes "Drop down and get your eagle on"

"Did you see Becky last night? She was soaring high."

"I don't think I have the sexual capacity to perform the soaring eagle."
by hoeslovethebasilisk April 11, 2013
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Soaring-Eagle <sawr-ing, ee-guh-l> verb, adjective.

1. To become so intoxicated by alcohol that one begins vomiting in senseless locations.
2. Driving one's own vehicle into a stationary object at high speeds while under the influence of alcohol.

2. The state of such intoxication.
1. "Did you hear that he soaring-eagled his Mazda into that tree last weekend?" (As verb)

2. After a few drinks too many, he was so soaring-eagled that he threw up in a washing machine. (As adjective)
by soaringeagle2013 January 06, 2013
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