A lighthearted term for the void between a female's legs with the all important Harry Potter reference.
Remember to protect your wand when entering the chamber of secrets.
by the scowl April 14, 2006
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When you pop a chubby in class and have to "fight" off your trouser snake in the bathroom.
Mrs. Green, may I be excused. I've got a real Chamber of Secrets to explore.
by MrCreepyhands June 30, 2011
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Bill, Jim, Tod, and Alyx waited, hiding behind a corner as brave Chad stealthily made in his way into the Chamber of Secrets to see what exactly made it such a welcoming place to share gossip, stories, rumors, and the like between the female species. When he got in there all he found was 4 stalls, 2 mirrors, 2 sinks, and a garbage can and was greatly flabbergasted as to how this place could be like an overcrowded grocery store given the right moment of time during the day.
by Knowledge Pool April 23, 2013
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An act of blasting a hot, silent fart while exiting from a crowded elevator. Ideally, the gas should be leaked just before you exit through the closing elevator door. The remaining riders are trapped in the chamber to enjoy the fully marinated scent.

Variation: The Echo Chamber. Performing a Chamber of Secrets, but substitute a silent secretion with a loud, shreeking fart as you emerge from the elevator.
After eating a foot-long meatball sub from Subway, I performed a chamber of secrets in the hotel elevator, shouting "Jared" as I exited.
by Jeremy Ironfold April 18, 2007
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The act of dumping 100 proof or higher alcohol into one's anus, which is put in position above one's head (doing a headstand is the most accepted way to do this) and then lighting the alcohol on fire.
Ron Weasley did the Chamber of Secrets and now the whole room smells like burnt red ass hair.
by Dunhloke July 24, 2011
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When you jiz in a girls vagina and don't tell her.
Dude i was with my girlfriend last night and scored a chambered secrets.
by Wacka Nikka Flocka April 8, 2010
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