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When a guy utilises his erect penis to grind open, away, forward to any one and or all orifice in an up and down fashion.
"Dude, I was chalking Sally so much I thought I was going to be left with a stub".
by Harleydean January 17, 2015
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A new age form of vandalism started in the sha involving a group of people and a bucket of chalk. They go to the victim's house and write random messages and draw random pictures. sometimes even gifts are left. i.e. soda cans, toys, pet supplies etc.
-Did you hear there was a chalking last night?
-Dag yo, they chalked me too!
by Spencer Barron October 14, 2006
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When you're walking to your destination at a very slow, relaxing, leisurely pace, i.e. a combination of chilling and walking.
Guy: Why are we walking so damn slow?

Other Guy: Relax dude, we're chalking.
by Banana Scout April 28, 2010
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To make cocaine into lines, to excess consumption of cocaine.
Person 1 - 'Dude, why are you giving me so much grief? You have been up and down all night like a tit in a trance'
Person 2- 'Sorry blud, nothing personal, I've been chalked up all night'
Person 1 - 'What does chalking mean?'
Person 2 - 'Look it up on urban dictionary'
Person 1 - 'They wouldn't have the balls to put that up'
Person 2 - 'True'
by Dr Brain April 29, 2012
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A new form of photo trend involving a mini slate chalkboard and writing messages on it in random places and taking photographs to post on social media sites. Very popular amongst bars and tourist spots. Can also use an iPad/tablet with a chalkboard app.
"I'm bringing my chalkboard to the bar and getting everyone to do some chalking for my birthday photos!"

"I did some chalking in Times Square and posted it on the photo chalking Facebook page"
by Photo Chalker January 06, 2012
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The awesome event in which you and a group of homies get some chalk and choose a random person's house- You should probably somewhat know the person. Then one of your homies lies down in the driveway of the random person and you outline the body like a dead person. You then take a picture and post to Facebook, Twitter, or whatever shabang you use and let the person find and outline of a body in their driveway!
"Bro!!!! Let's totally go chalking at Martin's house!"
by Zwinky900 March 25, 2012
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you know when you have detetion you have to earse the chalkboarrds&stuff?
yeah basically serving detention.
Man, I can't hang out today casue i'm chalking after school.
by ZoE S. May 24, 2005
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